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Boehag’s sanctuary.

Hello lovelies.My name is Sofia “Boehag” Nilsson and I live in a cozy little town called Helsingborg in Sweden. In my blog you’ll read about my life in my little town, art, make up, sex, love and acceptance.

Welcome to my sanctuary, I love you.

/ Boehag


Amy Greta

To all you beautiful souls out there
A warm welcome to my world full of nature´s beauty, laughter, tears, poems, songs and thoughts about this crazy life. Being a freelance singer and actress with a wild love for writing, kindness and the ocean I have decided to LET GO and trust that life takes me where ever I need to be.
Hoping with all my heart that this blog will inspire you to be nothing else but exactly who YOU want to be. And that it at times reminds you of all the beautiful benefits from being kind to others but also to yourself. I might even remind you that fears are just in your mind and that the world is yours to explore and I will most definitively tell you to live life to the fullest. To love laugh and sing your heart out, or to let your teardrops fall whenever they need to. Cause every little thing´s gonna be alright.
With peace and love always

/ Amy Greta


Live, love, inspire, things I care about and I want to share with you. A simple place with my travels, discoverings, bohemian jewelry and fashion inspirations, thoughts, yoga, just being true with you.Welcome to my world and enjoy the ride ♥



I just am” (I’m a vegan, I am a writer, photographer, meditator, protector of nature and all of its living organisms, I’m a pacifist, I am love, peace, happiness, humbleness, compassion and wisdom




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