HippieSpirits Founder Swen

Hello everyone, it was a long time ago I was writing any kind of blog. The last 5 years i have been using Instagram to spread my thoughts. But now I’m back to blogging again. This time you will be able to follow my life a bit deeper behind HippieSpirits which involve a lot of my kids, training and life philosophy.

I’m a Swedish guy with 2 daughters,  and at the moment I have bodybuilding as my main hobby. I’m also a restaurant manager and a visionary. I believe we can change this world together, but first we have to change ourself. Before saving anyone we have to save ourself from self destructive thoughts and fucked up behaviour patterns.

Most people might say I’m not a hippie guy just an ordinary guy with a higher understanding of wellbeing. I don’t know if I should agree or not, all I know that I care a lot of things I have around me and i fight for justice for everyone and everything. It would take me days to explain this so i just let you follow me here through my blog.

So welcome to my life and my thoughts now its up to you if you want to follow my lifestyle or not. I love who I’ve become and I love who i will became.

Much love Swen


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