from Gotland to Stockholm

Hi, guys, I’m back again! I’ve been to Gotland to open a restaurant on the beach. I have to say it was 3 amazing weeks. Not just because I’m ”from” Gotland I splendid 3 weeks on one of Swedens best beaches! I think it’s 3-5km long and it has the most amazing sand. Bathing every day and got a lot of color too. I really needed this. This was my first ”vacation” it was just the first week I had to work hard to make sure everyone could make it without me. The other 2 weeks I just needed to be around the restaurant so I could help my staff if they really needed it.

Now I’m back in Stockholm and I really like it. I love to travel but as I said it was work. I had no freedom to do what I wanted to do. So being home is better! Now I can go back to my gym and continue my bodybuilding process. I’m on my second year and are pretty satisfied with my first year. I started on 72kg and gained around 18kg. I lost 9kg body fat since may. To be honest I think I got around 7kg muscles last year which is great. However this year I will put in more time and effort for food and sleep! I will also do 6 weeks without alcohol at the time. On the seventh week I will spend my Friday with friends and go out and enjoy my self.

See you around guys and remember to do what you like to do. Don’t do things because other people is doing it. You are stronger than that.

/ @swenvonh

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