Spiritual training. Gym for mental health.

Hello everyone, long time no see. Im just here to write a bit from my latest thoughts.

The last one and a half year ive been working out at the gym and im surprised what it has done to my mental health. Today i feel alive, i have so much energy that i didn’t know i had. I have got a better self confidence. Before this period i was always so tired, that i didn’t had any energy for anything. I can say like this, today im happy with the man i see in my mirror. Somehow it feel like i have woke up from a coma. I can see things more clearly now. I FEEL ALIVE!

Before i started working out i thought that people just wanted to look like people in commercials or that they only focused on their looks. Today i understand that most of them do… But there is some of us that don’t give a fck about that. Some of us just want to push our self and keep up the good feeling it gives us. So from now i will start to write more about my progress through the gym.

To all you out there, don’t waste your time doing nothing. You can do it, you can make yourself happy! It’s harder to not do anything, it’s takes more energy to do nothing. Doin nothing wont make you happy, it will not give you any results you want. It’s time for change and only you can make the change. Be the best version of yourself! You will be surprised over the reaction you will get from people around you!

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