Hello guys my name is Swen and I’m the founder of HippieSpirits. I’ve always been driven by freedom. And when i talk about freedom i don’t talk about being released from work or responsibility, I’m talking about being satisfied with life.

When i was young i always wanted more and more which made me blind. It made me sad and lost. But one day i decided to accept what i have and start focusing on what made me happy. It was a hard time because i slowly started to realise how selfish i had been. At the time, I only thought about my self and nothing else. This awakening was the start of HippieSpirits.

Slowly i started to understand that I’ve been using my spirit to satisfy my self and all my needs. But somehow i never got happy and it was here i understood that I cant be happy if everyone else is sad. So what i did was that i started to write small quotes on instagram just to keep my spirits alive and hopefully to inspire other similar people to stay alive.

If someone ask me today if I’m happy with life i would say I am but there is days I’m not happy and that is what life is. Some days is better than others and that is the beauty in life. I want a bit of everything. Bad as good, good as bad because it completes me. The only difference now is that I’m positive. I always try to think positive. If I’m in a bad phase i think its just a phase and it will go over. The important thing is to feel and thats whats makes you happy, to feel!