Spiritual training. Gym for mental health.

Hello everyone, long time no see. Im just here to write a bit from my latest thoughts.

The last one and a half year ive been working out at the gym and im surprised what it has done to my mental health. Today i feel alive, i have so much energy that i didn’t know i had. I have got a better self confidence. Before this period i was always so tired, that i didn’t had any energy for anything. I can say like this, today im happy with the man i see in my mirror. Somehow it feel like i have woke up from a coma. I can see things more clearly now. I FEEL ALIVE!

Before i started working out i thought that people just wanted to look like people in commercials or that they only focused on their looks. Today i understand that most of them do… But there is some of us that don’t give a fck about that. Some of us just want to push our self and keep up the good feeling it gives us. So from now i will start to write more about my progress through the gym.

To all you out there, don’t waste your time doing nothing. You can do it, you can make yourself happy! It’s harder to not do anything, it’s takes more energy to do nothing. Doin nothing wont make you happy, it will not give you any results you want. It’s time for change and only you can make the change. Be the best version of yourself! You will be surprised over the reaction you will get from people around you!

Do it now.

There is 2 things in life
‘things you have to do & things you don’t have to do… right now’. 

Being a smart person is making life easier for yourself, even if it means that you have to put energy in to it. Or like i use to say, “being lazy doesn’t mean that i haven’t done anything.”  I mean if you do it right once you don’t have to do it twice. Which takes a lot of your time. Important time!
(it’s a difference between learning something new and doning something you already can)
So what Im talking is about my daily life. This last year have been a huge change in my life and I’ve been forced to go through a lot of different things. Everything from training and food routines to a breakup and new opening restaurant. I have i learned a lot from this year. The important thing isn’t that you just do things, the important thing is you do things that makes YOU and your family and friends feel good.
In my case I’ve been eating properly every day for almost 11 months. And i feel so good until those two times i skipped to eat good food. (i don’t say healthy, once again i don’t have to eat super healthy to feel good. I have to eat things that makes me feel good.) Those 2 times i skipped my 6 meals and only eat 2 meals, and those 2 meals wasn’t the best meals.

But enough talking about me, Let us speak about ‘do it now’. Take a look at your life, is there things you don’t do but you have to? Are you pushing a lot infront of you because you dont want to do it?

There is 2 thing in your life you have to know, either you do it now or you forget about it. If you don’t do it you will have to carry things around, so do it now and feel good later on. If you forget about it you don’t have to carry it around, which means it wasn’t that important. Right?

Fixing things right away will give you more energy, “if you don’t have to think about it you will get more energy for other things”. Wasting time is ignoring things instead of dealing with it immediately.”A lazy person does it right the first time because its to exhausting to do it twice!” But there is also things in life that wont effect your ‘do it now’. The only person that can answer this is you that reads this. Ask your self, what do i have to do now to feel better later on. If you follow that thought you will start feel much better quicker then you can imagine. On the other hand, i find something new every day that makes me feel better, and i keep doing those things. Just because it makes me feel happy.

from Gotland to Stockholm

Hi, guys, I’m back again! I’ve been to Gotland to open a restaurant on the beach. I have to say it was 3 amazing weeks. Not just because I’m ”from” Gotland I splendid 3 weeks on one of Swedens best beaches! I think it’s 3-5km long and it has the most amazing sand. Bathing every day and got a lot of color too. I really needed this. This was my first ”vacation” it was just the first week I had to work hard to make sure everyone could make it without me. The other 2 weeks I just needed to be around the restaurant so I could help my staff if they really needed it.

Now I’m back in Stockholm and I really like it. I love to travel but as I said it was work. I had no freedom to do what I wanted to do. So being home is better! Now I can go back to my gym and continue my bodybuilding process. I’m on my second year and are pretty satisfied with my first year. I started on 72kg and gained around 18kg. I lost 9kg body fat since may. To be honest I think I got around 7kg muscles last year which is great. However this year I will put in more time and effort for food and sleep! I will also do 6 weeks without alcohol at the time. On the seventh week I will spend my Friday with friends and go out and enjoy my self.

See you around guys and remember to do what you like to do. Don’t do things because other people is doing it. You are stronger than that.

/ @swenvonh

Mindfulness before Meditation

wasFirst of all, we have to know what mindfulness is. “Mindfulness. It’s a pretty straightforward word. It suggests that the mind is fully attending to what’s happening, to what you’re doing, to the space you’re moving through.” – mindful.org

People use to tell me that everyone can meditate if they really want all they need is just a bit of practice. I do not buy this, I don’t believe everyone can meditate. To meditate you have to get some skills that are hard to achieve without enough knowledge. It’s not just to sit down and be quiet and ignore all thoughts. It sounds easy, doesn’t it?

But how can you get the basics for meditation? If meditation is what you want you either go to someone that steal your money or you start with mindfulness. Mindfulness is a good start to master meditation. Mindfulness helps you to master concentration.

Think about the last time you were out on a walk. Were you walking and enjoying your surroundings, did you feel the ground beneath your feet? Did you feel the wind and hear the sounds around you? Or were you at your destination even before you started your walk?

When I teach people about mindfulness I give them one task to start with. Every time you are outside and walking try to feel the ground beneath you. How does it feel? is it rough, rocky, flat? (be aware of your surroundings if you are walking in town) Don’t think about anything else on this walk, just feel how it feels beneath your feet. On your next walk, you do the same but you add how things sound around you. Be aware of how it feels below your feet and what you can hear around you. and then add, how it smells and what you can see and how the wind feels on your skin, hair, face, and hands.

You can add mindfulness to everything you do. And it doesn’t mean that you have to do things in slow motion or that you can’t talk to people at the same time. Being aware of your surroundings is something everyone can do and should do. Because today we are often too stress on what happens next or what we have to do tomorrow. Tomorrow isn’t important if you don’t feel good today. Start with making today good and tomorrow will be good without planning it.

Mindfulness is meditation for me, my mind is calm by being aware of my surroundings. I love my life because I see what I have all the time. By seeing that you can also improve what you already have so it will be better tomorrow. I never stress over being better at anything tomorrow because I start today, right now improving what I can.

When you master mindfulness you have also learned how to master concentration. Which is the key to meditation.

/ Swenvonh

HippieSpirits Founder Swen

Hello everyone, it was a long time ago I was writing any kind of blog. The last 5 years i have been using Instagram to spread my thoughts. But now I’m back to blogging again. This time you will be able to follow my life a bit deeper behind HippieSpirits which involve a lot of my kids, training and life philosophy.

I’m a Swedish guy with 2 daughters,  and at the moment I have bodybuilding as my main hobby. I’m also a restaurant manager and a visionary. I believe we can change this world together, but first we have to change ourself. Before saving anyone we have to save ourself from self destructive thoughts and fucked up behaviour patterns.

Most people might say I’m not a hippie guy just an ordinary guy with a higher understanding of wellbeing. I don’t know if I should agree or not, all I know that I care a lot of things I have around me and i fight for justice for everyone and everything. It would take me days to explain this so i just let you follow me here through my blog.

So welcome to my life and my thoughts now its up to you if you want to follow my lifestyle or not. I love who I’ve become and I love who i will became.

Much love Swen