About us

Welcome to HippieSpirits webpage, shop and blog! It took HippieSpirits 5 years to become what it is today! And honestly we dont really know yet! One thing is for sure, we want to do a change. Fairtrading, eco clothing and a bright future for our earth. Sounds pretty good right?

Since 2014 HippieSpirits has been an inspiration page on instagram. The vision was to inspire people to become more happy! The founder Swen says, there is to many people out there that deserves to live a good life! All they need is someone that remindes them that they deserves to be happy. So the journey begins, from instagram to drop ship store then a small blogportal and back to a webshop. To end up in being just a landing page that said “cooming soon” for 2 years.

Many things has happen for the founder Swen, he got 2 kids and started to manage a cafe and then a restaurant chain. The time just flew by like the days at Woodstock festival in 79′. With more responsibility with he’s daughters and work, HippieSpirits started slowly to fade away. The spirit is still there but the spirit couldn’t pay for he’s family and home.

So what happen?
It was a really hot summerday in Sweden 2016 and one of my friends arranged a hippie market in Stockholm. wich today is one of Swedens biggest hippie market today. I told him about HippieSpirits and he thought it was fascinating and said, “thats amazing! I would never pull something of like that”. I told him, yes you can! Today almost 4 years later my friend Stefan is on board her with me and making HippieSpirits into what it is today!

“the meeting”
From nowhere Stefan called me after a longer period without talking to each other. I answerd and said to him, “you know what? I was thinking about calling you for a couple of days ago”! He laughed and asked me what i wanted. So i explained for him that i don’t have time to manage HippieSpirits as much as I used to do. I wonder if you want to help me or if you know someone that wants to help me. Wich he answerd with, if you want me to help you I will help and i know a perfect person that also can help.

After a couple of days later we decided to meet up at Skanstull in Stockholm. It was a small organic hippie coffee shop. I stepped in and took of my jacket and walked up to Stefan and his friend. I got introduced to a guy called Kenny, a really good person that knows what structure means for a company. From the first second i could tell that Kenny is that type of person that supports justice infront of everything. So even before the meeting i knew that i wanted this guy being a part of HippieSpirits. We talked about our visions and what could be possible with HippieSpirits community.

What’s the vision?
Let’s build a hostel/rehab in South America where everyone can visit said Kenny. Let’s create a gathering where people is cleaning the ocean said Stefan. Let’s collect money for homeless people said Swen. So we asked each other which budget we had and the answer was: not enough! But we could open a webbshop and collecting donation for each project over time. Because we have to start somewhere. So we sat down and decided to open a webbshop where we are selling eco and fairtrade clothing. And through this we could start saving money to complete all our visions.

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